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Scripting in PowerFactory with Python (Online) 20.08.24.MEL, Melbourne

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Day 1: Tuesday 9:00 17:00
Day 2: Wednesday 9:00 17:00

Python is a programming language, which users can use to control PowerFactory. It is frequently used to automate the execution of time-consuming simulations - however, its application extends far beyond that. Python may also be used to process results, or to implement a routine that applies sequential changes to a network and calls PowerFactory’s analysis functions in each step.

This training course provides a compact and efficient introduction to the fundamental aspects of writing scripts inside of PowerFactory by using Python. The course includes basic concepts, syntax, accessing and modification of objects from within the code, automation of a series of calculations and presentation of the results etc.

Within the context of the training course Python scripts will be created by attendees which will reinforce the contents of the presentations and provide useful starting points for their own ideas/applications.

Please note the focus of this course it to teach attendees how to use Python with PowerFactory and is not intended to teach the Python language. A basic prior understanding of Python is assumed. For those without significant prior Python experience, an introductory document to teach the basics of Python will be emailed to attendees prior to the course.

Before registering for this course, prospective attendees should have a fundamental understanding of PowerFactory, including the ability to perform basic calculations (e.g. load-flow) and navigation through the PowerFactory database.

Topics covered include:

CO-1-01 - DIgSILENT Introduction

  • Worldwide Company Overview
  • DIgSILENT Pacific Offices
  • Products
  • History

PY-1-01 - Fundamentals Python scripting in PowerFactory

  • Interface between the Python interpreter and PowerFactory
  • Configuration of PowerFactory to access the Python Interpreter
  • The creation, configuration, and features of the "ComPython" object
  • The differences between using Python and DPL with PowerFactory

PY-1-02 - PowerFactory objects access with Python

  • How to access to calculation relevant objects of different classes inside of the PowerFactory database
  • How to read and change the attributes of PowerFactory objects using Python scripts

PY-1-03 - Execution of the PowerFactory commands with Python

  • How to access, change and execute calculations in PowerFactory using Python

PY-1-04 - Navigation through the PowerFactory Project

  • Methods for navigating the PowerFactory database using Python

PY-1-05 - Python Functions and Remote Scripts

  • How to reduce repeated code using functions
  • PowerFactory Remote Script concept and configuration

PY-1-06 - Create, delete and connect network elements

  • Methods required to modify a network model
  • How to work with more advanced object manipulation such as characteristics

PY-2-01 - Results file

  • Working with the Result File element (ElmRes) in PowerFactory
  • How to read and write a results file and export its data

PY-2-02 - Graphical Representation of Results

  • Structure of graphical representations in PowerFactory
  • How to create and configure plots in PowerFactory

PY-2-03 - Performance

  • Strategies for improving performance of Python scripts within PowerFactory
  • Application/Environment level functions/options to improve performance

PY-2-04 - Import and Export of Data

  • How to import and export data to/from PowerFactory with Python

PY-2-05 - Engine Mode

  • How to start and interact with the PowerFactory application from an external Python interpreter

Please note:

  1. Course fee is in AUD and includes GST.
  2. Credit Card payments will incur a 2% surcharge on the course fee. The total amount for credit card transactions will be AUD 2,020.
  3. Participation will only be confirmed once payment has been received by DIgSILENT.
  4. The course is delivered via Microsoft Teams and utilises Microsoft Azure Lab Services training environment.
  5. Course fee includes access to PowerFactory training environment in the Cloud delivered via Microsoft Azure Lab Services.
  6. Participation is contingent on being able to access our training environment, a connection test session will be scheduled prior to date of the seminar.

Full rate AUD 1,980 inclusive of GST

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