Oscillatory Stability Monitor

OSM Features

Explore our Oscillatory Stability Monitor (OSM) models tailored to meet the compliance requirements of the National Electricity Rules (NER) S5.2.5.10. Our offerings are designed to provide meticulous monitoring and alerting capabilities for your power systems.

Base OSM Model Features

  • Detection of Power (P), Reactive Power (Q), and Voltage (V) oscillations within a frequency range of 0.1 Hz – 30 Hz.
  • Local data storage for hassle-free data management.
  • One dedicated alarm contact triggered when any oscillation exceeds a user-defined threshold.
  • Additional alarm contact activated if the phase difference between Q and V oscillations falls below a set threshold.
  • Two distinct alarm contacts to monitor device functionality and runtime errors, ensuring seamless operation.
  • Time synchronization via GPS or IRIG-B for precise data logging.
  • Compatible with power supplies ranging from 100-240 V AC or DC.
  • Designed for 19-inch rack mounting, facilitating straightforward installation.

Advanced OSM Model

For advanced monitoring needs, inquire about our Advanced OSM model which boasts additional features. As an example, it allows for the monitoring of phase angle difference between P-to-V alongside Q-to-V oscillations, among other enhancements. Reach out to discover more about how the Advanced OSM model can cater to your specific requirements.

Master Station & Email Software

  • Automated data collection from all connected OSM devices, with data saved to a designated server.
  • Auto-generation of plot visuals upon loading an IEEE COMTRADE file, simplifying data analysis.
  • Event-triggered email notifications keeping you informed of system dynamics.


Leverage the power of DIgSILENT's OSM models to maintain compliance with NER S5.2.5.10 and achieve superior monitoring of your power systems.

For more information or to discuss your specific needs, reach out to us at pfm@digsilent.com.au.


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