Power Plant and Power System Measurements

In order to be able to operate systems steadily in the long term, the power plant properties defined in the grid code have to be complied with in all kinds of operating situations of the power system. In this context, determining the  steady-state and dynamic behaviour of power plants and power systems based on measurements is becoming increasingly important. Besides the properties of the power plants themselves, the characteristics of the consumers and the interactions between the power plants and the consumers affect the parameters, and thereby the stability properties, of the power systems.

DIgSILENT performs system and power plant tests and test evaluation. The measurements are planned and executed in line with the respective local situation and operational framework, aiming to minimise the non-availability of individual units and strictly preventing inadmissible network disturbances. The measurement programme depends on the objective of the analyses. This includes the review of properties according to the grid code, measurements to determine the steady-state and dynamic behaviour for model validation, the adjustment of regulator parameters (speed/power regulator, voltage regulator, PSS, etc.), and the determination of generator parameters.

Services - Overview

  • Planning, coordination and execution of gridwide tests and measurements based on the monitoring systems
  • Execution of measurements as proof of compliance with grid codes
  • Use of the monitoring systems to monitor power plant properties
  • Execution of measurements in power plants, systems and grids to establish and validate simulation models



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