Network Integration

When generating units and consumers are to be integrated into the system, or the system is to be expanded on the basis of AC or HVDC systems, the applicable grid codes have to be complied with. Furthermore, it is important to analyse whether disturbances could be caused in the existing system in such a way as to necessitate a modification or adaptation of the respective grid code.

DIgSILENT has many years’ international experience in the realisation of system integration projects, characterised in particular by the wide variety of system characteristics to be considered, grid codes to be complied with, and generation and system technologies used.

In addition to the assessment of requests for grid connection as well as the development of compliant grid connection concepts, the services provided by DIgSILENT also include the preparation of the preliminary and the final conformity analysis according to FGW Guideline TR4/TR8, including the required model validation.

Consulting Services - Overview

  • Objective assessment of the available grid connection capacity for generating plants
  • Determination of the number of usage hours at maximum load
  • Grid connection studies with reference to the grid code of the respective power system operator
  • Determination and review of grid connection points according to the grid code
  • Design and dimensioning of internal topologies of RES
  • Configuration of optimal offshore solutions for platforms and grids
  • Determination of requirements for generating units/plants; compliance studies according to FGW Guideline TR4/8
  • Concepts for wind and PV park control
  • Network stabilisation with renewable energies
  • Communication with power system operators during the grid connection process
  • Due diligence for all kinds of generating plants

Grid Code

In order to ensure long-term system stability, the grid code has to be optimally aligned with the properties of the power supply system. The most important, decisive factors in this respect are the power system structure, the properties of the generating units and consumers, the long-term energy policy targets, and market mechanisms.
On the basis of qualified power system analyses and sensitivity calculations, DIgSILENT assists power system operators and regulatory authorities with the  development of adequate and sustainable grid codes and operating regulations, and compliance with these regulations based on measurements and conformity assessments.

Consulting Services - Overview

  • Development of grid codes and adapted grid connection regulations for generators and consumers
  • Determination and assessment of requirements regarding the control characteristics of power plants in connection with the spinning and non-spinning operating reserve
  • Definition of basic parameters for power plants to guarantee system stability
  • Development of measuring procedures and modelling principles to prove properties of generating units/plants
  • Definition of control strategies to maintain frequency stability in power systems with minimum rotating generation
  • Execution of power system studies to validate and further develop existing grid codes


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