Power Quality Online Training - 20-21 Sep 2022, Melbourne

This course provides an introduction to the power quality tools of PowerFactory.

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CO-1-01 - DIgSILENT Introduction

  • Worldwide Company Overview
  • DIgSILENT Pacific Offices
  • Products
  • History

PF-3-14 - Introduction to Power System Harmonics in PowerFactory

  • What is a power system harmonic and why it is important
  • What problems power system harmonics cause
  • How to model a harmonics current injections from loads and non-synchronous generation sources
  • How to model background harmonics using a harmonics voltage source in PowerFactory
  • How to calculate a harmonics load-flow in PowerFactory
  • How to view harmonics results on the single line diagram and within the data manager

PF-3-15 - Harmonic Load-flow Analysis Tools

  • IEC 61000 3-6 (second summation law)
  • Distortion Diagrams
  • Harmonic Indices
  • Waveform Plots

PF-3-16 - Harmonics: Network Frequency Response

  • The Frequency Response of Network Elements
  • Modelling Frequency Dependent R and L
  • The Bode Plot in PowerFactory

PF-3-17 - Harmonics Mitigation and Filter Design

  • When to use Harmonic Filters
  • Types of Harmonic Filter and Filter Design
  • Implementing Harmonic Filters in PowerFactory

PF-3-18 - Harmonics: Rectifiers and Ripple Control

  • Rectifier/Inverter Models in PowerFactory
  • Ripple Control

PF-3-19 - Harmonics in the Time Domain: EMT and FFT

  • Harmonics Analysis with EMT Simulation
  • Analysing EMT Results: FFT Frequency Response

PF-3-26 - Flicker analysis according to IEC 61400-21

  • Flicker coefficients
  • Flicker calculation
  • Evaluating flicker in PowerFactory

PF-3-48 - Factors of consideration for harmonic analyses

  • Nature of harmonic sources
  • Building harmonic impedance profile
  • Norton equivalent impedance
  • Harmonic load flow calculation method
  • Consideration of sequence components of harmonic injections

PF-3-51 - Convert harmonic voltage spectrum to harmonic current injection

  • How to use harmonic voltage measurement
  • How to convert a harmonic voltage spectrum to a harmonic current injection
  • How to setup a harmonic current source

PF-3-52 - Impedance loci

  • Network impedance dependence on operating and network configuration
  • What is the impedance loci script for
  • How to run the impedance loci script
  • How to obtain the result of an impedance spectrum

PF-3-53 - Voltage unbalance

  • Voltage unbalance
  • Unbalanced system modelling

PF-3-54 - Harmonic load modelling

  • Types of harmonic load models
  • Development of frequency domain load models
  • PowerFactory benchmarking
  • Literature review and discussion

Before attending this course, course attendees should be familiar with the basic use of PowerFactory such as how to perform load-flow and short circuit analysis and navigate around the database.

Note that places on the course are limited to 9 and allocated on a 'first come, first in' basis. A minimum of six participants is required for the course to run. The course will be confirmed via email no earlier than two weeks prior to the start date.