VAMP Protection Relays

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VAMP is the global leader in arc protection systems. In addition VAMP also supplies a range of innovative medium voltage and distribution level protection relays many with unique features. DIgSILENT Pacific markets the full range of VAMP relays.

Basic features of VAMP relays include:

  • Comprehensive and versatile setting and programming possibilities
  • Programmable blocking and output matrix
  • Disturbance recorder and evaluation software
  • Several communication protocols are available
  • Continuous self-supervision
  • Robust metal enclosure
  • Wide auxiliary supply voltage range
  • Integral arc protection
All VAMP over-current relays can be equipped with arc sensors to provide very fast, reliable and low cost arc protection for busbars and cable terminations.

Available VAMP Relays

Arc flash protection relays

  • VAMP 120 / 121 Arc protection system
  • VAMP 221 Arc protection system
  • VAMP 321 Arc protection system

Relays for power generation

  • VAMP 210 Generator protection relay
  • VAMP 265 / 265m Differential protection relay

Power distribution protection

  • VAMP 40 Feeder and motor protection relay
  • VAMP 50 over-current and earth fault relay (Native IEC 61850 communication)
  • VAMP 130 Over-current and earth-fault relay
  • VAMP 135 Over/under-voltage, residual voltage and frequency protection relay
  • VAMP 140 Over-current and earth-fault relay
  • VAMP 230 / 245 / 255 / 257 / 259 Feeder managers

Motor protection

  • VAMP 150 Motor protection relay

Measuring and monitoring

  • VAMP 96 Measuring and monitoring unit
  • VAMP 260 Measuring, monitoring and disturbance recording unit
DIgSILENT Pacific is also able to support power utilities and industrial clients with protection scheme design concepts as well as protection settings and application support.

For more information about pricing please contact us . For detailed information and brochures for any of the VAMP relays please visit VAMP Ltd.