19 January 2017

PFM Master Station upgrade to PFM2017

The PowerFactory Monitor (PFM) is a multi-functional Dynamic System Monitor which fully integrates with DIgSILENT PowerFactory software. Following the release of PowerFactory 2017, DIgSILENT is pleased to announce the following new features for the PFM:

  • Master Station
    • Master Station is now based on standard PowerFactory 2017. The Master Station profile shall be accessed by a new a special Toolbar, which includes:
      • New Scaling features like move and stretch
      • Statistical labels like, Min, Max, Average etc.
      • X-Axis Cursors
      • New Digital Plot for compressed fault recorder view of high amount of digital signals
      • Trigger label. Showing details of the trigger cause direct in the plot
    • Note: PF2017 is only applicable using it as a Master Station; old PFM2 devices still need PFM2.0 for running real-time measurements.
  • New PFM Sync Service.
    • New SyncService is now a real Windows service integrated with the new EventViewer, Multithread technology for parallel downloading data from multiple systems.
    • The new SyncService itself is ready however the link to PF is not complete and will be available with SP1 only. That link makes it possible to integrate new Comtrades to PF automatically at the moment when they are transferred to the Master Station. There will be no need for the continuous loop over the hard disc to check for new files. This missing feature is the main reason why we still haven’t “released” it.
    • The new SyncService will be configured direct from PowerFactory (2017 SP1) and the EventViewer is also linked to PF in order to open plots directly from the event logs.
  • New PFM EventViewer
    • Database based Event Viewer, connected direct to the SyncService
    • Ability to open trends in PowerFactory direct from the EventViewer
    • New Filter and view options
    • Export functions

In addition, the following features are planned with future releases of PowerFactory:

  • Public download area to be closed and unique custom logins to be provided (for extended support customers only).
  • Notification email subscription and release notes to start to be released similar to PowerFactory.

For further information regarding the PFM, please see the following link: https://www.digsilent.com.au/pages/products/powerfactory_monitor