5 April 2016

StationWare 2016 released

DIgSILENT has released the new version StationWare 2016. This comes with a new set of features for an enhanced work experience. Guest users have been introduced as a new licensing option. Remote triggers for Python reports and scripts facilitate automation. Various improvements for reports and scripts promote increased productivity. Additional manufacturer file interfaces broaden StationWare’s already extensive spectrum.

StationWare 2016 product highlights include, among others:

  • Guest accounts
    • Concurrent user pool access
    • Read-only guest user
  • Automated trigger for Python reports and scripts
    • Web services for remote access to reports and scripts
    • Program to trigger reports and scripts
  • Improvement of reports and scripts
    • Report export in Excel
    • Improved report styles
    • Localisation of Python reports
    • Access rights for reports and script
  • Import converter for
    • Reyrolle 8/9
    • ABB MCU

Important Information

Please note that in StationWare 2016ion, a new converter license file (license_converters.xml) is required.

For more information on StationWare or to download the new version, please visit DIgSILENT GmbH.