April 16, 2024 - April 17, 2024 Language: EN, Online-Training

Stability/DSL (Online) 16.04.24.MEL, Melbourne

Timetable: All times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT +10)
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Day 1: Tuesday 9:00 17:00
Day 2: Wednesday 9:00 17:00

This course provides an introduction to DIgSILENT Simulation Language (DSL) for developing time domain (RMS and EMT) models of control systems such as AVRs and governors.

Before registering for this course, prospective attendees should have a fundamental understanding of PowerFactory, including the ability to perform basic calculations (e.g. load-flow) and navigation through the PowerFactory database.

Topics covered include:

CO-1-01 - DIgSILENT Introduction

  • Worldwide Company Overview
  • DIgSILENT Pacific Offices
  • Products
  • History

PF-3-20 - Introduction to Time Domain Simulations

  • Types of time domain simulations and when to use each one
  • How to initialise a time domain simulation
  • How to define RMS variable sets for recording
  • How to define plots to show recorded results
  • How to define simulation events
  • How to run an RMS simulation

PF-3-21 - Introduction to DSL

  • The components of dynamic models in PowerFactory
  • What is the DIgSILENT Simulation Language (DSL) and basic model building blocks
  • How to create basic controller models

PF-3-22 - Motor Start-up Simulations

  • PowerFactory Asynchronous Machine Model
  • Configuring the network for Motor Startup Simulations
  • Running the Simulation and Visualising the Results

PF-4-06 - DSL: Model Initialisation Basics

  • Macros
  • Variable Definitions for block diagrams
  • Calculation of Initial Conditions for block diagrams
  • Open Loop Step Response
  • Closed Loop Step Response

PF-4-08 - DSL: AVR modelling

  • Standard Model Library
  • Basic AVR features
  • Types of Excitation
  • AVR functional components
  • Building a standard AVR model

PF-4-09 - DSL: Governor Modelling

  • Standard Governor Model Library
  • Basic Governor Features
  • Building a Standard Governor Model

Please note:

  1. Course cost is in AUD and exclude GST.
  2. Credit Card payments will incur a 2% surcharge on the course cost.
  3. The course is delivered via Teams and utilises Microsoft Azure Lab Services to access DIgSILENT training environment.
  4. Course cost includes access to PowerFactory training environment in the Cloud.

Full rate AUD 1800 excluding GST

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