DIgSILENT releases PowerFactory 2022

DIgSILENT has released PowerFactory 2022.

We are pleased to introduce this new version of PowerFactory, which includes further developments to the user interface, as well as new analysis functions and many new and enhanced network models.

Learn more about these functions and many other enhancements in the What’s New in PowerFactory 2022 document, available here:

>>> What´s New in PowerFactory 2022


Or follow the link below to watch the What's New inPowerFactory 2022video:

>>> DIgSILENT YouTube Channel

The significant developments in PowerFactory 2022 include:

  • Updated graphic colouring schemes, featuring colour palettes and flexible options for customising plots and diagrams
  • Generic Co-Simulation with other simulation tools, based on the widely used FMI (Functional Mock-Up Interface) standard
  • Initial developments for supporting Modelica as a modelling language for discrete-time models
  • A new Artificial Intelligence module, for fast Quasi-Dynamic Simulations using pre-trained neural networks
  • A new Optimal Recloser Placement function within the Reliability Analysis Functions module
  • Revision of the Protection Coordination Assistant, now supporting both distance and overcurrent protection
  • Further developments to the Variation Manager, with new views that allow comparison and modifications on an object and attribute basis
  • Many new and improved Power Equipment Models for even more detailed and sophisticated studies
  • Support of PostgreSQL for multi-user databases

With the new features in PowerFactory 2022, we continue the process of enhancement and development which ensures that PowerFactory remains the ideal tool for a wide range of network planning and operational studies, from small micro-grids to large transmission and distribution networks, including HVDC and renewable technologies.

PowerFactory 2022 is available on the DIgSILENT website, to registered users of companies with valid guarantee/maintenance, on the Download Area section for registered users.


We wish you continued success with DIgSILENT PowerFactory!


Support of previous versions:

DIgSILENT will actively continue to support the two previous versions PowerFactory 2021 and 2020. We now officially discontinue support of the preceding version PowerFactory 2019 and will not provide any further service packs for this former version.


End of 32-bit versions:

PowerFactory 2022 will be the last release for both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems. Beginning with PowerFactory 2023, we will provide new main versions in 64-bit technology only.

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