Good's Shed Co-generation

DIgSILENT Pacific was engaged by Norman Disney and Young (NDY), to complete the stability analysis of the co-generation plant for the Good's Shed building in the Melbourne CBD. The building includes four Capstone 65 kW microgenerators. These units run asynchronously to the distribution system as they are connected to the AC system through an AC/DC/AC converter. The study showed that the contribution of the converter system to the distribution system fault level is minimal. As the system is asynchronous, transient angle stability for the generation is a non issue. Other aspects of the connection study included:

  • investigation of voltage variation at the point of common coupling due to the generation;
  • recommendation of protection systems for the generator and building; and
  • fault ride through of the generation for faults within the distribution system;

The following image shows a plot of the co-generation response to a three phase short circuit within the distribution system.

powerstore simulation plot

DIgSILENT Pacific has expertise in co-generation stability and grid connection studies. For more information contact us at our Melbourne or Perth offices.